The Zenful Vibe.

The Zenful Vibe.

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Zenful- A euphoric feeling produced by a relaxing environment and calming energy.

Hi I’m Shelley. I’m 41 years old and a mom. I have a 12 year old daughter and a son that passed away last year at age 22. I’m a busy business woman like a lot of us. I was a Travel Agent for 15 years and loved it but needed more. I started my own website featuring my bath and body products. Zenful Boutique offers soaps, lotions, perfumes, lip balms, bath bombs and more. I was very successful at it. I was even featured in Vogue UK in 2012! I had to take a break from it though and go back to the corporate work force after I got divorced.

I was obsessed with makeup and skincare my entire life! Everything about it and the way it made myself and others feel better. I slowly learned and became a freelance makeup artist. I still am and do weddings, fashion shows and special events. My knowledge for makeup got me so excited to talk about it and make everyone around me tired of hearing it. So I decided to take my passion to blogging. It gives me the creative outlet I needed and a way for me to talk about makeup news, reviews, skincare and more to people that care!

I saw so many blogs with 20 something reviews and ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and still read them. But at 41 the products that work for me are different and things that worked 20 years ago don’t. Even the way I apply makeup has changed. So instead of feeling bad that the products are not working for me like they do on a 25 year old in a review, I embrace it and change what I’m using and how.

So for you ladies that are forty something and super busy yet want to be current and up to date…you are at the right place!

This is a laidback fun atmosphere where I’ll give reviews, makeup news, home decor updates, giveaways and more!

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